From the President of COHEHRE

This year we return to Portugal to meet within the hospitality of the School of Healthcare at Instituto Polytecnico de Setubal. We are looking forward to an exciting conference based on themes suggested by our membership. The broad theme for this year is to be the Educational Implications of Globalisation and Global Citizenship. The sub-themes of addressing the humanitarian crisis, educational development for globalisation, developing twenty-first century competencies and patient safety and risk management will give great opportunities for us to share our experiences.

As always we will be able to share our best practice in the area of learning and teaching and curriculum development under the auspices of the COHEHERE Academy but the other branches of COHEHRE’s operation are also developing. There will be networking opportunities built in to the conference time for those interested in developing collaborative research projects to meet under the auspices of COHEHRE Research. Strategic Managers will be able to share a day together sharing experience and focussing on facilitating the development of twenty-first century competences from a management perspective.

I look forward to meeting you in Setubal.

With all good wishes.
Jennifer Lewis Smith


From the Dean of the School of Health-IPS

It is with great joy that, on behalf of the ESS/IPS, I welcome all participants at the COHEHRE Conference 2017, held in the beautiful city of Setúbal, to reflect on the theme “The educational implications of globalization and global citizenship”

It was in 2006 that, for the first time, we received the COHEHRE Conference in Setúbal at our IPS Campus, and from these days of sharing and learning, we have an unforgettable and warm memory.

We are therefore looking forward to the COHEHRE Conference 2017 and we will do everything we can to ensure that the days that we are going to spend together constitute strong moments of debate and learning in this country that is a safe and friendly destination and welcomes you with open arms and open hearts.

Discussing “The educational implications of globalization and global citizenship” in changing times like the ones we live in today, will certainly be a unique opportunity to reflect as well as to find creative and innovative ways to respond to future challenges.

We believe that, together, we can contribute to the production of knowledge, promoting a more enlightened experience of the professionals involved, increasing hope in a future that we want better informed, more supportive and fairer.

Welcome everyone to ESS/IPS, it’s going to be a great Conference.

Alice Ruivo, Dean