All in one world.

What if one district could gather all that a visitors wish for? Is it asking for too much? Not in Setúbal.

Heading for the future, Setúbal seduces because of its very own diversity and quality of life.

The mountain, the river, the sea and the exquisite beaches live side to side with a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, providing a unique menu to visitors.

Established as a city in 1860, and district capital since 1926, Setúbal is a cosmopolitan center, located only a few 40 kms from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

Embraced by the blue river Sado and the green mountain range of Arrábida, Setúbal has a rich historic background, with plenty of traditional architecture, ancient churches, museums, and buildings that take you back in time.

Let your self be surprised by one of the most beautiful bays in the world! Where the white sand beaches clash with the colours from the Atlantic Ocean, The Arrábida Mountain and the clear skies.

Feel the scent of lavender, rosemary and murta, and take a dive in the calm and transparent beaches of Arrábida.

Take a hike by the river, watch the dolphins and visit the Sado estuary, where large flocks of flamingoes share the habitat.

Setúbal offers, also, a great variety of flavours and its commonly recognized as a region where one can taste the best grilled fish in Portugal.

Grilled Sardines and the fish stew are likewise deeply appreciated by locals and visitors. The famous fried cuttlefish, as well as the monkfish rice and the eels stew can surprise any given guest.

To enrich your meal, there’s nothing like a good wine from the Sado district, and as an appetizer, we recommend the celebrated Moscatel of Setúbal. The pastry is not to be forgotten. It’s imperative to savour the pies from Azeitão, the “S” biscuits and the orange sweets.

The famous cheese of Azeitão stands as a reference and constitutes always a good choice to start or finish a meal.

Welcome to a world apart. Welcome to Setúbal. The blue corner of Portugal.

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